Source code for openpyxl.drawing.image

from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
# Copyright (c) 2010-2019 openpyxl

from io import BytesIO

    from PIL import Image as PILImage
except ImportError:
    PILImage = False

[docs]def bounding_box(bw, bh, w, h): """ Returns a tuple (new_width, new_height) which has the property that it fits within box_width and box_height and has (close to) the same aspect ratio as the original size """ new_width, new_height = w, h if bw and new_width > bw: new_width = bw new_height = new_width / (w / h) if bh and new_height > bh: new_height = bh new_width = new_height * (w / h) return (new_width, new_height)
def _import_image(img): if not PILImage: raise ImportError('You must install Pillow to fetch image objects') if not isinstance(img, PILImage.Image): img = return img
[docs]class Image(object): """Image in a spreadsheet""" _id = 1 _path = "/xl/media/image{0}.{1}" anchor = "A1" def __init__(self, img): self.ref = img # don't keep the image open image = _import_image(img) self.width = image.size[0] self.height = image.size[1] try: self.format = image.format.lower() except AttributeError: self.format = "png" image.close() def _data(self): """ Open image and write it to a buffer when saving the workbook """ img = _import_image(self.ref) fp = None # don't convert these file formats if self.format in ['gif', 'jpeg', 'png']: if img.fp: fp = img.fp if not fp: fp = BytesIO(), format=self.format) return @property def path(self): return self._path.format(self._id, self.format)