Openpyxl currently supports the reading and writing of comment text only. Formatting information is lost. Comments are not currently supported if use_iterators=True is used.

Adding a comment to a cell

Comments have a text attribute and an author attribute, which must both be set

>>> from openpyxl import Workbook
>>> from openpyxl.comments import Comment
>>> wb = Workbook()
>>> ws =
>>> comment = ws["A1"].comment
>>> comment = Comment('This is the comment text', 'Comment Author')
>>> comment.text
'This is the comment text'
'Comment Author'

If you assign the same comment to multiple cells then openpyxl will automatically create copies

>>> from openpyxl import Workbook
>>> from openpyxl.comments import Comment
>>> wb=Workbook()
>>> comment = Comment("Text", "Author")
>>> ws["A1"].comment = comment
>>> ws["B2"].comment = comment
>>> ws["A1"].comment is comment
>>> ws["B2"].comment is comment

Loading and saving comments

Comments present in a workbook when loaded are stored in the comment attribute of their respective cells automatically. Formatting information such as font size, bold and italics are lost, as are the original dimensions and position of the comment’s container box.

Comments remaining in a workbook when it is saved are automatically saved to the workbook file.