Source code for openpyxl.workbook.child

# Copyright (c) 2010-2023 openpyxl

import re
import warnings

from openpyxl.worksheet.header_footer import HeaderFooter

Base class for worksheets, chartsheets, etc. that can be added to workbooks

INVALID_TITLE_REGEX = re.compile(r'[\\*?:/\[\]]')

[docs]def avoid_duplicate_name(names, value): """ Naive check to see whether name already exists. If name does exist suggest a name using an incrementer Duplicates are case insensitive """ # Check for an absolute match in which case we need to find an alternative match = [n for n in names if n.lower() == value.lower()] if match: names = u",".join(names) sheet_title_regex = re.compile(f'(?P<title>{re.escape(value)})(?P<count>\\d*),?', re.I) matches = sheet_title_regex.findall(names) if matches: # use name, but append with the next highest integer counts = [int(idx) for (t, idx) in matches if idx.isdigit()] highest = 0 if counts: highest = max(counts) value = u"{0}{1}".format(value, highest + 1) return value
class _WorkbookChild(object): __title = "" _id = None _path = "{0}" _parent = None _default_title = "Sheet" def __init__(self, parent=None, title=None): self._parent = parent self.title = title or self._default_title self.HeaderFooter = HeaderFooter() def __repr__(self): return '<{0} "{1}">'.format(self.__class__.__name__, self.title) @property def parent(self): return self._parent @property def encoding(self): return self._parent.encoding @property def title(self): return self.__title @title.setter def title(self, value): """ Set a sheet title, ensuring it is valid. Limited to 31 characters, no special characters. Duplicate titles will be incremented numerically """ if not self._parent: return if not value: raise ValueError("Title must have at least one character") if hasattr(value, "decode"): if not isinstance(value, str): try: value = value.decode("ascii") except UnicodeDecodeError: raise ValueError("Worksheet titles must be str") m = if m: msg = "Invalid character {0} found in sheet title".format( raise ValueError(msg) if self.title is not None and self.title != value: value = avoid_duplicate_name(self.parent.sheetnames, value) if len(value) > 31: warnings.warn("Title is more than 31 characters. Some applications may not be able to read the file") self.__title = value @property def oddHeader(self): return self.HeaderFooter.oddHeader @oddHeader.setter def oddHeader(self, value): self.HeaderFooter.oddHeader = value @property def oddFooter(self): return self.HeaderFooter.oddFooter @oddFooter.setter def oddFooter(self, value): self.HeaderFooter.oddFooter = value @property def evenHeader(self): return self.HeaderFooter.evenHeader @evenHeader.setter def evenHeader(self, value): self.HeaderFooter.evenHeader = value @property def evenFooter(self): return self.HeaderFooter.evenFooter @evenFooter.setter def evenFooter(self, value): self.HeaderFooter.evenFooter = value @property def firstHeader(self): return self.HeaderFooter.firstHeader @firstHeader.setter def firstHeader(self, value): self.HeaderFooter.firstHeader = value @property def firstFooter(self): return self.HeaderFooter.firstFooter @firstFooter.setter def firstFooter(self, value): self.HeaderFooter.firstFooter = value @property def path(self): return self._path.format(self._id)