Source code for openpyxl.workbook.workbook

# Copyright (c) 2010-2024 openpyxl

"""Workbook is the top-level container for all document information."""
from copy import copy

from openpyxl.compat import deprecated
from openpyxl.worksheet.worksheet import Worksheet
from openpyxl.worksheet._read_only import ReadOnlyWorksheet
from openpyxl.worksheet._write_only import WriteOnlyWorksheet
from openpyxl.worksheet.copier import WorksheetCopy

from openpyxl.utils import quote_sheetname
from openpyxl.utils.indexed_list import IndexedList
from openpyxl.utils.datetime  import WINDOWS_EPOCH, MAC_EPOCH
from openpyxl.utils.exceptions import ReadOnlyWorkbookException

from openpyxl.writer.excel import save_workbook

from openpyxl.styles.cell_style import StyleArray
from openpyxl.styles.named_styles import NamedStyle
from openpyxl.styles.differential import DifferentialStyleList
from openpyxl.styles.alignment import Alignment
from openpyxl.styles.borders import DEFAULT_BORDER
from openpyxl.styles.fills import DEFAULT_EMPTY_FILL, DEFAULT_GRAY_FILL
from openpyxl.styles.fonts import DEFAULT_FONT
from import Protection
from openpyxl.styles.colors import COLOR_INDEX
from openpyxl.styles.named_styles import NamedStyleList
from openpyxl.styles.table import TableStyleList

from openpyxl.chartsheet import Chartsheet
from .defined_name import DefinedName, DefinedNameDict
from openpyxl.packaging.core import DocumentProperties
from openpyxl.packaging.custom import CustomPropertyList
from openpyxl.packaging.relationship import RelationshipList
from .child import _WorkbookChild
from .protection import DocumentSecurity
from .properties import CalcProperties
from .views import BookView

from openpyxl.xml.constants import (


[docs] class Workbook(object): """Workbook is the container for all other parts of the document.""" _read_only = False _data_only = False template = False path = "/xl/workbook.xml" def __init__(self, write_only=False, iso_dates=False, ): self._sheets = [] self._pivots = [] self._active_sheet_index = 0 self.defined_names = DefinedNameDict() self._external_links = [] = DocumentProperties() self.custom_doc_props = CustomPropertyList() = DocumentSecurity() self.__write_only = write_only self.shared_strings = IndexedList() self._setup_styles() self.loaded_theme = None self.vba_archive = None self.is_template = False self.code_name = None self.epoch = WINDOWS_EPOCH self.encoding = "utf-8" self.iso_dates = iso_dates if not self.write_only: self._sheets.append(Worksheet(self)) self.rels = RelationshipList() self.calculation = CalcProperties() self.views = [BookView()] def _setup_styles(self): """Bootstrap styles""" self._fonts = IndexedList() self._fonts.add(DEFAULT_FONT) self._alignments = IndexedList([Alignment()]) self._borders = IndexedList() self._borders.add(DEFAULT_BORDER) self._fills = IndexedList() self._fills.add(DEFAULT_EMPTY_FILL) self._fills.add(DEFAULT_GRAY_FILL) self._number_formats = IndexedList() self._date_formats = {} self._timedelta_formats = {} self._protections = IndexedList([Protection()]) self._colors = COLOR_INDEX self._cell_styles = IndexedList([StyleArray()]) self._named_styles = NamedStyleList() self.add_named_style(NamedStyle(font=copy(DEFAULT_FONT), border=copy(DEFAULT_BORDER), builtinId=0)) self._table_styles = TableStyleList() self._differential_styles = DifferentialStyleList() @property def epoch(self): if self._epoch == WINDOWS_EPOCH: return WINDOWS_EPOCH return MAC_EPOCH @epoch.setter def epoch(self, value): if value not in (WINDOWS_EPOCH, MAC_EPOCH): raise ValueError("The epoch must be either 1900 or 1904") self._epoch = value @property def read_only(self): return self._read_only @property def data_only(self): return self._data_only @property def write_only(self): return self.__write_only @property def excel_base_date(self): return self.epoch @property def active(self): """Get the currently active sheet or None :type: :class:`openpyxl.worksheet.worksheet.Worksheet` """ try: return self._sheets[self._active_sheet_index] except IndexError: pass @active.setter def active(self, value): """Set the active sheet""" if not isinstance(value, (_WorkbookChild, INTEGER_TYPES)): raise TypeError("Value must be either a worksheet, chartsheet or numerical index") if isinstance(value, INTEGER_TYPES): self._active_sheet_index = value return #if self._sheets and 0 <= value < len(self._sheets): #value = self._sheets[value] #else: #raise ValueError("Sheet index is outside the range of possible values", value) if value not in self._sheets: raise ValueError("Worksheet is not in the workbook") if value.sheet_state != "visible": raise ValueError("Only visible sheets can be made active") idx = self._sheets.index(value) self._active_sheet_index = idx
[docs] def create_sheet(self, title=None, index=None): """Create a worksheet (at an optional index). :param title: optional title of the sheet :type title: str :param index: optional position at which the sheet will be inserted :type index: int """ if self.read_only: raise ReadOnlyWorkbookException('Cannot create new sheet in a read-only workbook') if self.write_only : new_ws = WriteOnlyWorksheet(parent=self, title=title) else: new_ws = Worksheet(parent=self, title=title) self._add_sheet(sheet=new_ws, index=index) return new_ws
def _add_sheet(self, sheet, index=None): """Add an worksheet (at an optional index).""" if not isinstance(sheet, (Worksheet, WriteOnlyWorksheet, Chartsheet)): raise TypeError("Cannot be added to a workbook") if sheet.parent != self: raise ValueError("You cannot add worksheets from another workbook.") if index is None: self._sheets.append(sheet) else: self._sheets.insert(index, sheet)
[docs] def move_sheet(self, sheet, offset=0): """ Move a sheet or sheetname """ if not isinstance(sheet, Worksheet): sheet = self[sheet] idx = self._sheets.index(sheet) del self._sheets[idx] new_pos = idx + offset self._sheets.insert(new_pos, sheet)
[docs] def remove(self, worksheet): """Remove `worksheet` from this workbook.""" idx = self._sheets.index(worksheet) self._sheets.remove(worksheet)
[docs] @deprecated("Use wb.remove(worksheet) or del wb[sheetname]") def remove_sheet(self, worksheet): """Remove `worksheet` from this workbook.""" self.remove(worksheet)
[docs] def create_chartsheet(self, title=None, index=None): if self.read_only: raise ReadOnlyWorkbookException("Cannot create new sheet in a read-only workbook") cs = Chartsheet(parent=self, title=title) self._add_sheet(cs, index) return cs
[docs] @deprecated("Use wb[sheetname]") def get_sheet_by_name(self, name): """Returns a worksheet by its name. :param name: the name of the worksheet to look for :type name: string """ return self[name]
def __contains__(self, key): return key in self.sheetnames
[docs] def index(self, worksheet): """Return the index of a worksheet.""" return self.worksheets.index(worksheet)
[docs] @deprecated("Use wb.index(worksheet)") def get_index(self, worksheet): """Return the index of the worksheet.""" return self.index(worksheet)
def __getitem__(self, key): """Returns a worksheet by its name. :param name: the name of the worksheet to look for :type name: string """ for sheet in self.worksheets + self.chartsheets: if sheet.title == key: return sheet raise KeyError("Worksheet {0} does not exist.".format(key)) def __delitem__(self, key): sheet = self[key] self.remove(sheet) def __iter__(self): return iter(self.worksheets)
[docs] @deprecated("Use wb.sheetnames") def get_sheet_names(self): return self.sheetnames
@property def worksheets(self): """A list of sheets in this workbook :type: list of :class:`openpyxl.worksheet.worksheet.Worksheet` """ return [s for s in self._sheets if isinstance(s, (Worksheet, ReadOnlyWorksheet, WriteOnlyWorksheet))] @property def chartsheets(self): """A list of Chartsheets in this workbook :type: list of :class:`openpyxl.chartsheet.chartsheet.Chartsheet` """ return [s for s in self._sheets if isinstance(s, Chartsheet)] @property def sheetnames(self): """Returns the list of the names of worksheets in this workbook. Names are returned in the worksheets order. :type: list of strings """ return [s.title for s in self._sheets]
[docs] @deprecated("Assign scoped named ranges directly to worksheets or global ones to the workbook. Deprecated in 3.1") def create_named_range(self, name, worksheet=None, value=None, scope=None): """Create a new named_range on a worksheet """ defn = DefinedName(name=name) if worksheet is not None: defn.value = "{0}!{1}".format(quote_sheetname(worksheet.title), value) else: defn.value = value self.defined_names[name] = defn
[docs] def add_named_style(self, style): """ Add a named style """ self._named_styles.append(style) style.bind(self)
@property def named_styles(self): """ List available named styles """ return self._named_styles.names @property def mime_type(self): """ The mime type is determined by whether a workbook is a template or not and whether it contains macros or not. Excel requires the file extension to match but openpyxl does not enforce this. """ ct = self.template and XLTX or XLSX if self.vba_archive: ct = self.template and XLTM or XLSM return ct
[docs] def save(self, filename): """Save the current workbook under the given `filename`. Use this function instead of using an `ExcelWriter`. .. warning:: When creating your workbook using `write_only` set to True, you will only be able to call this function once. Subsequent attempts to modify or save the file will raise an :class:`openpyxl.shared.exc.WorkbookAlreadySaved` exception. """ if self.read_only: raise TypeError("""Workbook is read-only""") if self.write_only and not self.worksheets: self.create_sheet() save_workbook(self, filename)
@property def style_names(self): """ List of named styles """ return [ for s in self._named_styles]
[docs] def copy_worksheet(self, from_worksheet): """Copy an existing worksheet in the current workbook .. warning:: This function cannot copy worksheets between workbooks. worksheets can only be copied within the workbook that they belong :param from_worksheet: the worksheet to be copied from :return: copy of the initial worksheet """ if self.__write_only or self._read_only: raise ValueError("Cannot copy worksheets in read-only or write-only mode") new_title = u"{0} Copy".format(from_worksheet.title) to_worksheet = self.create_sheet(title=new_title) cp = WorksheetCopy(source_worksheet=from_worksheet, target_worksheet=to_worksheet) cp.copy_worksheet() return to_worksheet
[docs] def close(self): """ Close workbook file if open. Only affects read-only and write-only modes. """ if hasattr(self, '_archive'): self._archive.close()
def _duplicate_name(self, name): """ Check for duplicate name in defined name list and table list of each worksheet. Names are not case sensitive. """ name = name.lower() for sheet in self.worksheets: for t in sheet.tables: if name == t.lower(): return True if name in self.defined_names: return True