Source code for openpyxl.chart.plotarea

# Copyright (c) 2010-2024 openpyxl

from openpyxl.descriptors.serialisable import Serialisable
from openpyxl.descriptors import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.excel import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.sequence import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.nested import (

from ._3d import _3DBase
from .area_chart import AreaChart, AreaChart3D
from .bar_chart import BarChart, BarChart3D
from .bubble_chart import BubbleChart
from .line_chart import LineChart, LineChart3D
from .pie_chart import PieChart, PieChart3D, ProjectedPieChart, DoughnutChart
from .radar_chart import RadarChart
from .scatter_chart import ScatterChart
from .stock_chart import StockChart
from .surface_chart import SurfaceChart, SurfaceChart3D
from .layout import Layout
from .shapes import GraphicalProperties
from .text import RichText

from .axis import (

[docs] class DataTable(Serialisable): tagname = "dTable" showHorzBorder = NestedBool(allow_none=True) showVertBorder = NestedBool(allow_none=True) showOutline = NestedBool(allow_none=True) showKeys = NestedBool(allow_none=True) spPr = Typed(expected_type=GraphicalProperties, allow_none=True) graphicalProperties = Alias('spPr') txPr = Typed(expected_type=RichText, allow_none=True) extLst = Typed(expected_type=ExtensionList, allow_none=True) __elements__ = ('showHorzBorder', 'showVertBorder', 'showOutline', 'showKeys', 'spPr', 'txPr') def __init__(self, showHorzBorder=None, showVertBorder=None, showOutline=None, showKeys=None, spPr=None, txPr=None, extLst=None, ): self.showHorzBorder = showHorzBorder self.showVertBorder = showVertBorder self.showOutline = showOutline self.showKeys = showKeys self.spPr = spPr self.txPr = txPr
[docs] class PlotArea(Serialisable): tagname = "plotArea" layout = Typed(expected_type=Layout, allow_none=True) dTable = Typed(expected_type=DataTable, allow_none=True) spPr = Typed(expected_type=GraphicalProperties, allow_none=True) graphicalProperties = Alias("spPr") extLst = Typed(expected_type=ExtensionList, allow_none=True) # at least one chart _charts = MultiSequence() areaChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=AreaChart, store="_charts") area3DChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=AreaChart3D, store="_charts") lineChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=LineChart, store="_charts") line3DChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=LineChart3D, store="_charts") stockChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=StockChart, store="_charts") radarChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=RadarChart, store="_charts") scatterChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=ScatterChart, store="_charts") pieChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=PieChart, store="_charts") pie3DChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=PieChart3D, store="_charts") doughnutChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=DoughnutChart, store="_charts") barChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=BarChart, store="_charts") bar3DChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=BarChart3D, store="_charts") ofPieChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=ProjectedPieChart, store="_charts") surfaceChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=SurfaceChart, store="_charts") surface3DChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=SurfaceChart3D, store="_charts") bubbleChart = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=BubbleChart, store="_charts") # axes _axes = MultiSequence() valAx = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=NumericAxis, store="_axes") catAx = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=TextAxis, store="_axes") dateAx = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=DateAxis, store="_axes") serAx = MultiSequencePart(expected_type=SeriesAxis, store="_axes") __elements__ = ('layout', '_charts', '_axes', 'dTable', 'spPr') def __init__(self, layout=None, dTable=None, spPr=None, _charts=(), _axes=(), extLst=None, ): self.layout = layout self.dTable = dTable self.spPr = spPr self._charts = _charts self._axes = _axes
[docs] def to_tree(self, tagname=None, idx=None, namespace=None): axIds = {ax.axId for ax in self._axes} for chart in self._charts: for id, axis in chart._axes.items(): if id not in axIds: setattr(self, axis.tagname, axis) axIds.add(id) return super(PlotArea, self).to_tree(tagname)
[docs] @classmethod def from_tree(cls, node): self = super(PlotArea, cls).from_tree(node) axes = dict((axis.axId, axis) for axis in self._axes) for chart in self._charts: if isinstance(chart, (ScatterChart, BubbleChart)): x, y = (axes[axId] for axId in chart.axId) chart.x_axis = x chart.y_axis = y continue for axId in chart.axId: axis = axes.get(axId) if axis is None and isinstance(chart, _3DBase): # Series Axis can be optional chart.z_axis = None continue if axis.tagname in ("catAx", "dateAx"): chart.x_axis = axis elif axis.tagname == "valAx": chart.y_axis = axis elif axis.tagname == "serAx": chart.z_axis = axis return self