Source code for openpyxl.chart.series

# Copyright (c) 2010-2023 openpyxl

from openpyxl.descriptors.serialisable import Serialisable
from openpyxl.descriptors import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.excel import ExtensionList
from openpyxl.descriptors.nested import (

from .shapes import GraphicalProperties
from .data_source import (
from .error_bar import ErrorBars
from .label import DataLabelList
from .marker import DataPoint, PictureOptions, Marker
from .trendline import Trendline

attribute_mapping = {
    'area': ('idx', 'order', 'tx', 'spPr', 'pictureOptions', 'dPt', 'dLbls', 'errBars',
             'trendline', 'cat', 'val',),
    'bar':('idx', 'order','tx', 'spPr', 'invertIfNegative', 'pictureOptions', 'dPt',
           'dLbls', 'trendline', 'errBars', 'cat', 'val', 'shape'),
    'bubble':('idx','order', 'tx', 'spPr', 'invertIfNegative', 'dPt', 'dLbls',
              'trendline', 'errBars', 'xVal', 'yVal', 'bubbleSize', 'bubble3D'),
    'line':('idx', 'order', 'tx', 'spPr', 'marker', 'dPt', 'dLbls', 'trendline',
            'errBars', 'cat', 'val', 'smooth'),
    'pie':('idx', 'order', 'tx', 'spPr', 'explosion', 'dPt', 'dLbls', 'cat', 'val'),
    'radar':('idx', 'order', 'tx', 'spPr', 'marker', 'dPt', 'dLbls', 'cat', 'val'),
    'scatter':('idx', 'order', 'tx', 'spPr', 'marker', 'dPt', 'dLbls', 'trendline',
               'errBars', 'xVal', 'yVal', 'smooth'),
    'surface':('idx', 'order', 'tx', 'spPr', 'cat', 'val'),

[docs]class SeriesLabel(Serialisable): tagname = "tx" strRef = Typed(expected_type=StrRef, allow_none=True) v = NestedText(expected_type=str, allow_none=True) value = Alias('v') __elements__ = ('strRef', 'v') def __init__(self, strRef=None, v=None): self.strRef = strRef self.v = v
[docs]class Series(Serialisable): """ Generic series object. Should not be instantiated directly. User the chart.Series factory instead. """ tagname = "ser" idx = NestedInteger() order = NestedInteger() tx = Typed(expected_type=SeriesLabel, allow_none=True) title = Alias('tx') spPr = Typed(expected_type=GraphicalProperties, allow_none=True) graphicalProperties = Alias('spPr') # area chart pictureOptions = Typed(expected_type=PictureOptions, allow_none=True) dPt = Sequence(expected_type=DataPoint, allow_none=True) data_points = Alias("dPt") dLbls = Typed(expected_type=DataLabelList, allow_none=True) labels = Alias("dLbls") trendline = Typed(expected_type=Trendline, allow_none=True) errBars = Typed(expected_type=ErrorBars, allow_none=True) cat = Typed(expected_type=AxDataSource, allow_none=True) identifiers = Alias("cat") val = Typed(expected_type=NumDataSource, allow_none=True) extLst = Typed(expected_type=ExtensionList, allow_none=True) #bar chart invertIfNegative = NestedBool(allow_none=True) shape = NestedNoneSet(values=(['cone', 'coneToMax', 'box', 'cylinder', 'pyramid', 'pyramidToMax'])) #bubble chart xVal = Typed(expected_type=AxDataSource, allow_none=True) yVal = Typed(expected_type=NumDataSource, allow_none=True) bubbleSize = Typed(expected_type=NumDataSource, allow_none=True) zVal = Alias("bubbleSize") bubble3D = NestedBool(allow_none=True) #line chart marker = Typed(expected_type=Marker, allow_none=True) smooth = NestedBool(allow_none=True) #pie chart explosion = NestedInteger(allow_none=True) __elements__ = () def __init__(self, idx=0, order=0, tx=None, spPr=None, pictureOptions=None, dPt=(), dLbls=None, trendline=None, errBars=None, cat=None, val=None, invertIfNegative=None, shape=None, xVal=None, yVal=None, bubbleSize=None, bubble3D=None, marker=None, smooth=None, explosion=None, extLst=None, ): self.idx = idx self.order = order self.tx = tx if spPr is None: spPr = GraphicalProperties() self.spPr = spPr self.pictureOptions = pictureOptions self.dPt = dPt self.dLbls = dLbls self.trendline = trendline self.errBars = errBars = cat self.val = val self.invertIfNegative = invertIfNegative self.shape = shape self.xVal = xVal self.yVal = yVal self.bubbleSize = bubbleSize self.bubble3D = bubble3D if marker is None: marker = Marker() self.marker = marker self.smooth = smooth self.explosion = explosion
[docs] def to_tree(self, tagname=None, idx=None): """The index can need rebasing""" if idx is not None: if self.order == self.idx: self.order = idx # rebase the order if the index has been rebased self.idx = idx return super(Series, self).to_tree(tagname)
[docs]class XYSeries(Series): """Dedicated series for charts that have x and y series""" idx = Series.idx order = Series.order tx = Series.tx spPr = Series.spPr dPt = Series.dPt dLbls = Series.dLbls trendline = Series.trendline errBars = Series.errBars xVal = Series.xVal yVal = Series.yVal invertIfNegative = Series.invertIfNegative bubbleSize = Series.bubbleSize bubble3D = Series.bubble3D marker = Series.marker smooth = Series.smooth