Source code for openpyxl.comments.comments

# Copyright (c) 2010-2024 openpyxl

[docs] class Comment(object): _parent = None def __init__(self, text, author, height=79, width=144): self.content = text = author self.height = height self.width = width @property def parent(self): return self._parent def __eq__(self, other): return ( self.content == other.content and == ) def __repr__(self): return "Comment: {0} by {1}".format(self.content, def __copy__(self): """Create a detached copy of this comment.""" clone = self.__class__(self.content,, self.height, self.width) return clone
[docs] def bind(self, cell): """ Bind comment to a particular cell """ if cell is not None and self._parent is not None and self._parent != cell: fmt = "Comment already assigned to {0} in worksheet {1}. Cannot assign a comment to more than one cell" raise AttributeError(fmt.format(cell.coordinate, cell.parent.title)) self._parent = cell
[docs] def unbind(self): """ Unbind a comment from a cell """ self._parent = None
@property def text(self): """ Any comment text stripped of all formatting. """ return self.content @text.setter def text(self, value): self.content = value