Source code for openpyxl.formatting.formatting

# Copyright (c) 2010-2023 openpyxl

from collections import OrderedDict

from openpyxl.descriptors import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.serialisable import Serialisable

from .rule import Rule

from openpyxl.worksheet.cell_range import MultiCellRange

[docs]class ConditionalFormatting(Serialisable): tagname = "conditionalFormatting" sqref = Convertible(expected_type=MultiCellRange) cells = Alias("sqref") pivot = Bool(allow_none=True) cfRule = Sequence(expected_type=Rule) rules = Alias("cfRule") def __init__(self, sqref=(), pivot=None, cfRule=(), extLst=None): self.sqref = sqref self.pivot = pivot self.cfRule = cfRule def __eq__(self, other): if not isinstance(other, self.__class__): return False return self.sqref == other.sqref def __hash__(self): return hash(self.sqref) def __repr__(self): return "<{cls} {cells}>".format(cls=self.__class__.__name__, cells=self.sqref) def __contains__(self, coord): """ Check whether a certain cell is affected by the formatting """ return coord in self.sqref
[docs]class ConditionalFormattingList(object): """Conditional formatting rules.""" def __init__(self): self._cf_rules = OrderedDict() self.max_priority = 0
[docs] def add(self, range_string, cfRule): """Add a rule such as ColorScaleRule, FormulaRule or CellIsRule The priority will be added automatically. """ cf = range_string if isinstance(range_string, str): cf = ConditionalFormatting(range_string) if not isinstance(cfRule, Rule): raise ValueError("Only instances of openpyxl.formatting.rule.Rule may be added") rule = cfRule self.max_priority += 1 if not rule.priority: rule.priority = self.max_priority self._cf_rules.setdefault(cf, []).append(rule)
def __bool__(self): return bool(self._cf_rules) def __len__(self): return len(self._cf_rules) def __iter__(self): for cf, rules in self._cf_rules.items(): cf.rules = rules yield cf def __getitem__(self, key): """ Get the rules for a cell range """ if isinstance(key, str): key = ConditionalFormatting(sqref=key) return self._cf_rules[key] def __delitem__(self, key): key = ConditionalFormatting(sqref=key) del self._cf_rules[key] def __setitem__(self, key, rule): """ Add a rule for a cell range """ self.add(key, rule)