Source code for openpyxl.reader.workbook

# Copyright (c) 2010-2023 openpyxl

from warnings import warn

from openpyxl.xml.functions import fromstring

from openpyxl.packaging.relationship import (
from openpyxl.packaging.workbook import WorkbookPackage
from openpyxl.workbook import Workbook
from openpyxl.workbook.defined_name import DefinedNameList
from openpyxl.workbook.external_link.external import read_external_link
from openpyxl.pivot.cache import CacheDefinition
from openpyxl.pivot.record import RecordList
from openpyxl.worksheet.print_settings import PrintTitles, PrintArea

from openpyxl.utils.datetime import CALENDAR_MAC_1904

[docs]class WorkbookParser: _rels = None def __init__(self, archive, workbook_part_name, keep_links=True): self.archive = archive self.workbook_part_name = workbook_part_name self.defined_names = DefinedNameList() self.wb = Workbook() self.keep_links = keep_links self.sheets = [] @property def rels(self): if self._rels is None: self._rels = get_dependents(self.archive, get_rels_path(self.workbook_part_name)) return self._rels
[docs] def parse(self): src = node = fromstring(src) package = WorkbookPackage.from_tree(node) if self.wb.epoch = CALENDAR_MAC_1904 self.wb.code_name = = self.wb.views = package.bookViews self.sheets = package.sheets self.wb.calculation = package.calcPr self.caches = package.pivotCaches # external links contain cached worksheets and can be very big if not self.keep_links: package.externalReferences = [] for ext_ref in package.externalReferences: rel = self.rels[] self.wb._external_links.append( read_external_link(self.archive, rel.Target) ) if package.definedNames: self.defined_names = package.definedNames = package.workbookProtection
[docs] def find_sheets(self): """ Find all sheets in the workbook and return the link to the source file. Older XLSM files sometimes contain invalid sheet elements. Warn user when these are removed. """ for sheet in self.sheets: if not msg = f"File contains an invalid specification for {0}. This will be removed".format( warn(msg) continue yield sheet, self.rels[]
[docs] def assign_names(self): """ Bind defined names and other definitions to worksheets or the workbook """ for idx, names in self.defined_names.by_sheet().items(): if idx == "global": self.wb.defined_names = names continue try: sheet = self.wb._sheets[idx] except IndexError: warn(f"Defined names for sheet index {idx} cannot be located") continue for name, defn in names.items(): reserved = defn.is_reserved if reserved is None: sheet.defined_names[name] = defn elif reserved == "Print_Titles": titles = PrintTitles.from_string(defn.value) sheet._print_rows = titles.rows sheet._print_cols = titles.cols elif reserved == "Print_Area": try: sheet._print_area = PrintArea.from_string(defn.value) except TypeError: warn(f"Print area cannot be set to Defined name: {defn.value}.") continue
@property def pivot_caches(self): """ Get PivotCache objects """ d = {} for c in self.caches: cache = get_rel(self.archive, self.rels,, cls=CacheDefinition) if cache.deps: records = get_rel(self.archive, cache.deps,, RecordList) cache.records = records d[c.cacheId] = cache return d