Source code for openpyxl.styles.cell_style

# Copyright (c) 2010-2023 openpyxl

from array import array

from openpyxl.descriptors.serialisable import Serialisable
from openpyxl.descriptors import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.excel import ExtensionList
from openpyxl.utils.indexed_list import IndexedList

from .alignment import Alignment
from .protection import Protection

[docs]class ArrayDescriptor(object): def __init__(self, key): self.key = key def __get__(self, instance, cls): return instance[self.key] def __set__(self, instance, value): instance[self.key] = value
[docs]class StyleArray(array): """ Simplified named tuple with an array """ __slots__ = () tagname = 'xf' fontId = ArrayDescriptor(0) fillId = ArrayDescriptor(1) borderId = ArrayDescriptor(2) numFmtId = ArrayDescriptor(3) protectionId = ArrayDescriptor(4) alignmentId = ArrayDescriptor(5) pivotButton = ArrayDescriptor(6) quotePrefix = ArrayDescriptor(7) xfId = ArrayDescriptor(8) def __new__(cls, args=[0]*9): return array.__new__(cls, 'i', args) def __hash__(self): return hash(tuple(self)) def __copy__(self): return StyleArray((self)) def __deepcopy__(self, memo): return StyleArray((self))
[docs]class CellStyle(Serialisable): tagname = "xf" numFmtId = Integer() fontId = Integer() fillId = Integer() borderId = Integer() xfId = Integer(allow_none=True) quotePrefix = Bool(allow_none=True) pivotButton = Bool(allow_none=True) applyNumberFormat = Bool(allow_none=True) applyFont = Bool(allow_none=True) applyFill = Bool(allow_none=True) applyBorder = Bool(allow_none=True) applyAlignment = Bool(allow_none=True) applyProtection = Bool(allow_none=True) alignment = Typed(expected_type=Alignment, allow_none=True) protection = Typed(expected_type=Protection, allow_none=True) extLst = Typed(expected_type=ExtensionList, allow_none=True) __elements__ = ('alignment', 'protection') __attrs__ = ("numFmtId", "fontId", "fillId", "borderId", "applyAlignment", "applyProtection", "pivotButton", "quotePrefix", "xfId") def __init__(self, numFmtId=0, fontId=0, fillId=0, borderId=0, xfId=None, quotePrefix=None, pivotButton=None, applyNumberFormat=None, applyFont=None, applyFill=None, applyBorder=None, applyAlignment=None, applyProtection=None, alignment=None, protection=None, extLst=None, ): self.numFmtId = numFmtId self.fontId = fontId self.fillId = fillId self.borderId = borderId self.xfId = xfId self.quotePrefix = quotePrefix self.pivotButton = pivotButton self.applyNumberFormat = applyNumberFormat self.applyFont = applyFont self.applyFill = applyFill self.applyBorder = applyBorder self.alignment = alignment = protection
[docs] def to_array(self): """ Convert to StyleArray """ style = StyleArray() for k in ("fontId", "fillId", "borderId", "numFmtId", "pivotButton", "quotePrefix", "xfId"): v = getattr(self, k, 0) if v is not None: setattr(style, k, v) return style
[docs] @classmethod def from_array(cls, style): """ Convert from StyleArray """ return cls(numFmtId=style.numFmtId, fontId=style.fontId, fillId=style.fillId, borderId=style.borderId, xfId=style.xfId, quotePrefix=style.quotePrefix, pivotButton=style.pivotButton,)
@property def applyProtection(self): return is not None or None @property def applyAlignment(self): return self.alignment is not None or None
[docs]class CellStyleList(Serialisable): tagname = "cellXfs" __attrs__ = ("count",) count = Integer(allow_none=True) xf = Sequence(expected_type=CellStyle) alignment = Sequence(expected_type=Alignment) protection = Sequence(expected_type=Protection) __elements__ = ('xf',) def __init__(self, count=None, xf=(), ): self.xf = xf @property def count(self): return len(self.xf) def __getitem__(self, idx): return self.xf[idx] def _to_array(self): """ Extract protection and alignments, convert to style array """ self.prots = IndexedList([Protection()]) self.alignments = IndexedList([Alignment()]) styles = [] # allow duplicates for xf in self.xf: style = xf.to_array() if xf.alignment is not None: style.alignmentId = self.alignments.add(xf.alignment) if is not None: style.protectionId = self.prots.add( styles.append(style) return IndexedList(styles)