Source code for openpyxl.utils.dataframe

# Copyright (c) 2010-2020 openpyxl

import operator
from itertools import accumulate

[docs]def dataframe_to_rows(df, index=True, header=True): """ Convert a Pandas dataframe into something suitable for passing into a worksheet. If index is True then the index will be included, starting one row below the header. If header is True then column headers will be included starting one column to the right. Formatting should be done by client code. """ import numpy from pandas import Timestamp blocks = df._data.blocks ncols = sum(b.shape[0] for b in blocks) data = [None] * ncols for b in blocks: values = b.values if b.dtype.type == numpy.datetime64: values = numpy.array([Timestamp(v) for v in values.ravel()]) values = values.reshape(b.shape) result = values.tolist() for col_loc, col in zip(b.mgr_locs, result): data[col_loc] = col if header: if df.columns.nlevels > 1: rows = expand_levels(df.columns.levels, df.columns.labels) else: rows = [list(df.columns.values)] for row in rows: n = [] for v in row: if isinstance(v, numpy.datetime64): v = Timestamp(v) n.append(v) row = n if index: row = [None]*df.index.nlevels + row yield row if index: yield df.index.names for idx, v in enumerate(df.index): row = [data[j][idx] for j in range(ncols)] if index: row = [v] + row yield row
[docs]def expand_levels(levels, labels): """ Multiindexes need expanding so that subtitles repeat """ for label, order in zip(levels, labels): current = None row = [] for idx in order: if current == idx: row.append(None) else: row.append(label[idx]) current = idx yield row