Source code for openpyxl.worksheet.copier

# Copyright (c) 2010-2023 openpyxl

#standard lib imports
from copy import copy

from .worksheet import Worksheet

[docs]class WorksheetCopy(object): """ Copy the values, styles, dimensions, merged cells, margins, and print/page setup from one worksheet to another within the same workbook. """ def __init__(self, source_worksheet, target_worksheet): self.source = source_worksheet = target_worksheet self._verify_resources() def _verify_resources(self): if (not isinstance(self.source, Worksheet) and not isinstance(, Worksheet)): raise TypeError("Can only copy worksheets") if self.source is raise ValueError("Cannot copy a worksheet to itself") if self.source.parent != raise ValueError('Cannot copy between worksheets from different workbooks')
[docs] def copy_worksheet(self): self._copy_cells() self._copy_dimensions() = copy(self.source.sheet_format) = copy(self.source.sheet_properties) = copy(self.source.merged_cells) = copy(self.source.page_margins) = copy(self.source.page_setup) = copy(self.source.print_options)
def _copy_cells(self): for (row, col), source_cell in self.source._cells.items(): target_cell =, row=row) target_cell._value = source_cell._value target_cell.data_type = source_cell.data_type if source_cell.has_style: target_cell._style = copy(source_cell._style) if source_cell.hyperlink: target_cell._hyperlink = copy(source_cell.hyperlink) if source_cell.comment: target_cell.comment = copy(source_cell.comment) def _copy_dimensions(self): for attr in ('row_dimensions', 'column_dimensions'): src = getattr(self.source, attr) target = getattr(, attr) for key, dim in src.items(): target[key] = copy(dim) target[key].worksheet =