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# Copyright (c) 2010-2023 openpyxl

from openpyxl.descriptors import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.serialisable import Serialisable
from openpyxl.descriptors.excel import (
from import hash_password

class _Protected(object):
    _password = None

    def set_password(self, value='', already_hashed=False):
        """Set a password on this sheet."""
        if not already_hashed:
            value = hash_password(value)
        self._password = value

    def password(self):
        """Return the password value, regardless of hash."""
        return self._password

    def password(self, value):
        """Set a password directly, forcing a hash step."""

[docs]class SheetProtection(Serialisable, _Protected): """ Information about protection of various aspects of a sheet. True values mean that protection for the object or action is active This is the **default** when protection is active, ie. users cannot do something """ tagname = "sheetProtection" sheet = Bool() enabled = Alias('sheet') objects = Bool() scenarios = Bool() formatCells = Bool() formatColumns = Bool() formatRows = Bool() insertColumns = Bool() insertRows = Bool() insertHyperlinks = Bool() deleteColumns = Bool() deleteRows = Bool() selectLockedCells = Bool() selectUnlockedCells = Bool() sort = Bool() autoFilter = Bool() pivotTables = Bool() saltValue = Base64Binary(allow_none=True) spinCount = Integer(allow_none=True) algorithmName = String(allow_none=True) hashValue = Base64Binary(allow_none=True) __attrs__ = ('selectLockedCells', 'selectUnlockedCells', 'algorithmName', 'sheet', 'objects', 'insertRows', 'insertHyperlinks', 'autoFilter', 'scenarios', 'formatColumns', 'deleteColumns', 'insertColumns', 'pivotTables', 'deleteRows', 'formatCells', 'saltValue', 'formatRows', 'sort', 'spinCount', 'password', 'hashValue') def __init__(self, sheet=False, objects=False, scenarios=False, formatCells=True, formatRows=True, formatColumns=True, insertColumns=True, insertRows=True, insertHyperlinks=True, deleteColumns=True, deleteRows=True, selectLockedCells=False, selectUnlockedCells=False, sort=True, autoFilter=True, pivotTables=True, password=None, algorithmName=None, saltValue=None, spinCount=None, hashValue=None): self.sheet = sheet self.objects = objects self.scenarios = scenarios self.formatCells = formatCells self.formatColumns = formatColumns self.formatRows = formatRows self.insertColumns = insertColumns self.insertRows = insertRows self.insertHyperlinks = insertHyperlinks self.deleteColumns = deleteColumns self.deleteRows = deleteRows self.selectLockedCells = selectLockedCells self.selectUnlockedCells = selectUnlockedCells self.sort = sort self.autoFilter = autoFilter self.pivotTables = pivotTables if password is not None: self.password = password self.algorithmName = algorithmName self.saltValue = saltValue self.spinCount = spinCount self.hashValue = hashValue
[docs] def set_password(self, value='', already_hashed=False): super(SheetProtection, self).set_password(value, already_hashed) self.enable()
[docs] def enable(self): self.sheet = True
[docs] def disable(self): self.sheet = False
def __bool__(self): return self.sheet