Source code for openpyxl.writer.workbook

from __future__ import absolute_import
# Copyright (c) 2010-2017 openpyxl

"""Write the workbook global settings to the archive."""

from copy import copy

from openpyxl.utils import absolute_coordinate, quote_sheetname
from openpyxl.xml.constants import (
from openpyxl.xml.functions import tostring, fromstring

from openpyxl.worksheet import Worksheet
from openpyxl.chartsheet import Chartsheet
from openpyxl.packaging.relationship import Relationship, RelationshipList
from openpyxl.workbook.defined_name import DefinedName
from openpyxl.workbook.external_reference import ExternalReference
from openpyxl.workbook.parser import ChildSheet, WorkbookPackage
from import CalcProperties, WorkbookProperties
from openpyxl.workbook.views import BookView
from openpyxl.utils.datetime import CALENDAR_MAC_1904

[docs]def write_root_rels(workbook): """Write the relationships xml.""" rels = RelationshipList() rel = Relationship(type="officeDocument", Target=ARC_WORKBOOK) rels.append(rel) rel = Relationship(Target=ARC_CORE, Type="%s/metadata/core-properties" % PKG_REL_NS) rels.append(rel) rel = Relationship(type="extended-properties", Target=ARC_APP) rels.append(rel) if workbook.vba_archive is not None: # See if there was a customUI relation and reuse it xml = fromstring( root_rels = RelationshipList.from_tree(xml) for rel in root_rels.find(CUSTOMUI_NS): rels.append(rel) return tostring(rels.to_tree())
[docs]def get_active_sheet(wb): """ Return the index of the active sheet. If the sheet set to active is hidden return the next visible sheet or None """ visible_sheets = [idx for idx, sheet in enumerate(wb._sheets) if sheet.sheet_state == "visible"] if not visible_sheets: raise IndexError("At least one sheet must be visible") idx = wb._active_sheet_index sheet = if sheet and sheet.sheet_state == "visible": return idx for idx in visible_sheets[idx:]: = idx return idx return None
[docs]def write_workbook(workbook): """Write the core workbook xml.""" wb = workbook wb.rels = RelationshipList() root = WorkbookPackage() props = WorkbookProperties() # needs a mapping to the workbook for preservation if wb.code_name is not None: props.codeName = wb.code_name if wb.excel_base_date == CALENDAR_MAC_1904: props.date1904 = True root.workbookPr = props # workbook protection root.workbookProtection = # book views active = get_active_sheet(wb) view = BookView(activeTab=active) root.bookViews =[view] # worksheets for idx, sheet in enumerate(wb._sheets, 1): sheet_node = ChildSheet(name=sheet.title, sheetId=idx, id="rId{0}".format(idx)) rel = Relationship(type=sheet._rel_type, Target=sheet.path) wb.rels.append(rel) if not sheet.sheet_state == 'visible': if len(wb._sheets) == 1: raise ValueError("The only worksheet of a workbook cannot be hidden") sheet_node.state = sheet.sheet_state root.sheets.append(sheet_node) # external references for link in wb._external_links: # need to match a counter with a workbook's relations rId = len(wb.rels) + 1 rel = Relationship(type=link._rel_type, Target=link.path) wb.rels.append(rel) ext = ExternalReference( root.externalReferences.append(ext) # Defined names defined_names = copy(wb.defined_names) # don't add special defns to workbook itself. # Defined names -> autoFilter for idx, sheet in enumerate(wb.worksheets): auto_filter = sheet.auto_filter.ref if auto_filter: name = DefinedName(name='_FilterDatabase', localSheetId=idx, hidden=True) name.value = u"{0}!{1}".format(quote_sheetname(sheet.title), absolute_coordinate(auto_filter) ) defined_names.append(name) # print titles if sheet.print_titles: name = DefinedName(name="Print_Titles", localSheetId=idx) name.value = ",".join([u"{0}!{1}".format(quote_sheetname(sheet.title), r) for r in sheet.print_titles.split(",")]) defined_names.append(name) # print areas if sheet.print_area: name = DefinedName(name="Print_Area", localSheetId=idx) name.value = ",".join([u"{0}!{1}".format(quote_sheetname(sheet.title), r) for r in sheet.print_area]) defined_names.append(name) root.definedNames = defined_names root.calcPr = CalcProperties(calcId=124519, fullCalcOnLoad=True) return tostring(root.to_tree())
[docs]def write_workbook_rels(workbook): """Write the workbook relationships xml.""" wb = workbook strings = Relationship(type='sharedStrings', Target='sharedStrings.xml') wb.rels.append(strings) styles = Relationship(type='styles', Target='styles.xml') wb.rels.append(styles) theme = Relationship(type='theme', Target='theme/theme1.xml') wb.rels.append(theme) if workbook.vba_archive: vba = Relationship(type='', Target='vbaProject.bin') vba.Type ='' wb.rels.append(vba) return tostring(wb.rels.to_tree())