Source code for openpyxl.worksheet.dimensions

from __future__ import absolute_import
# Copyright (c) 2010-2019 openpyxl

from copy import copy

from openpyxl.compat import safe_string, deprecated
from openpyxl.utils import (
from openpyxl.descriptors import (
from openpyxl.descriptors.serialisable import Serialisable
from openpyxl.styles.styleable import StyleableObject
from openpyxl.styles.cell_style import StyleArray

from openpyxl.utils.bound_dictionary import BoundDictionary
from openpyxl.xml.functions import Element

[docs]class Dimension(Strict, StyleableObject): """Information about the display properties of a row or column.""" __fields__ = ('hidden', 'outlineLevel', 'collapsed',) index = Integer() hidden = Bool() outlineLevel = Integer(allow_none=True) outline_level = Alias('outlineLevel') collapsed = Bool() style = Alias('style_id') def __init__(self, index, hidden, outlineLevel, collapsed, worksheet, visible=True, style=None): super(Dimension, self).__init__(sheet=worksheet, style_array=style) self.index = index self.hidden = hidden self.outlineLevel = outlineLevel self.collapsed = collapsed def __iter__(self): for key in self.__fields__: value = getattr(self, key, None) if value: yield key, safe_string(value) def __copy__(self): cp = self.__new__(self.__class__) attrib = self.__dict__ attrib['worksheet'] = self.parent cp.__init__(**attrib) cp._style = copy(self._style) return cp
[docs]class RowDimension(Dimension): """Information about the display properties of a row.""" __fields__ = Dimension.__fields__ + ('ht', 'customFormat', 'customHeight', 's', 'thickBot', 'thickTop') r = Alias('index') s = Alias('style_id') ht = Float(allow_none=True) height = Alias('ht') thickBot = Bool() thickTop = Bool() def __init__(self, worksheet, index=0, ht=None, customHeight=None, # do not write s=None, customFormat=None, # do not write hidden=False, outlineLevel=0, outline_level=None, collapsed=False, visible=None, height=None, r=None, spans=None, thickBot=None, thickTop=None, **kw ): if r is not None: index = r if height is not None: ht = height = ht if visible is not None: hidden = not visible if outline_level is not None: outlineLevel = outline_level self.thickBot = thickBot self.thickTop = thickTop super(RowDimension, self).__init__(index, hidden, outlineLevel, collapsed, worksheet, style=s) @property def customFormat(self): """Always true if there is a style for the row""" return self.has_style @property def customHeight(self): """Always true if there is a height for the row""" return is not None
[docs]class ColumnDimension(Dimension): """Information about the display properties of a column.""" width = Float(allow_none=True) bestFit = Bool() auto_size = Alias('bestFit') index = String() min = Integer(allow_none=True) max = Integer(allow_none=True) collapsed = Bool() __fields__ = Dimension.__fields__ + ('width', 'bestFit', 'customWidth', 'style', 'min', 'max') def __init__(self, worksheet, index='A', width=None, bestFit=False, hidden=False, outlineLevel=0, outline_level=None, collapsed=False, style=None, min=None, max=None, customWidth=False, # do not write visible=None, auto_size=None,): self.width = width self.min = min self.max = max if visible is not None: hidden = not visible if auto_size is not None: bestFit = auto_size self.bestFit = bestFit if outline_level is not None: outlineLevel = outline_level self.collapsed = collapsed super(ColumnDimension, self).__init__(index, hidden, outlineLevel, collapsed, worksheet, style=style) @property def customWidth(self): """Always true if there is a width for the column""" return self.width is not None
[docs] def reindex(self): """ Set boundaries for column definition """ if not all([self.min, self.max]): self.min = self.max = column_index_from_string(self.index)
[docs] def to_tree(self): attrs = dict(self) if set(attrs) != set(['min', 'max']): return Element("col", **attrs)
[docs]class DimensionHolder(BoundDictionary): """ Allow columns to be grouped """ def __init__(self, worksheet, reference="index", default_factory=None): self.worksheet = worksheet self.max_outline = None self.default_factory = default_factory super(DimensionHolder, self).__init__(reference, default_factory)
[docs] def group(self, start, end=None, outline_level=1, hidden=False): """allow grouping a range of consecutive rows or columns together :param start: first row or column to be grouped (mandatory) :param end: last row or column to be grouped (optional, default to start) :param outline_level: outline level :param hidden: should the group be hidden on workbook open or not """ if end is None: end = start if isinstance(self.default_factory(), ColumnDimension): new_dim = self[start] new_dim.outline_level = outline_level new_dim.hidden = hidden work_sequence = get_column_interval(start, end)[1:] for column_letter in work_sequence: if column_letter in self: del self[column_letter] new_dim.min, new_dim.max = map(column_index_from_string, (start, end)) elif isinstance(self.default_factory(), RowDimension): for el in range(start, end + 1): new_dim = self.worksheet.row_dimensions[el] new_dim.outline_level = outline_level new_dim.hidden = hidden
[docs] def to_tree(self): def sorter(value): value.reindex() return value.min el = Element('cols') obj = None outlines = set() for col in sorted(self.values(), key=sorter): obj = col.to_tree() outlines.add(col.outlineLevel) if obj is not None: el.append(obj) if outlines: self.max_outline = max(outlines) if obj is not None: return el
[docs]class SheetFormatProperties(Serialisable): tagname = "sheetFormatPr" baseColWidth = Integer(allow_none=True) defaultColWidth = Float(allow_none=True) defaultRowHeight = Float() customHeight = Bool(allow_none=True) zeroHeight = Bool(allow_none=True) thickTop = Bool(allow_none=True) thickBottom = Bool(allow_none=True) outlineLevelRow = Integer(allow_none=True) outlineLevelCol = Integer(allow_none=True) def __init__(self, baseColWidth=8, #according to spec defaultColWidth=None, defaultRowHeight=15, customHeight=None, zeroHeight=None, thickTop=None, thickBottom=None, outlineLevelRow=None, outlineLevelCol=None, ): self.baseColWidth = baseColWidth self.defaultColWidth = defaultColWidth self.defaultRowHeight = defaultRowHeight self.customHeight = customHeight self.zeroHeight = zeroHeight self.thickTop = thickTop self.thickBottom = thickBottom self.outlineLevelRow = outlineLevelRow self.outlineLevelCol = outlineLevelCol
[docs]class SheetDimension(Serialisable): tagname = "dimension" ref = String() def __init__(self, ref=None, ): self.ref = ref @property def boundaries(self): return range_boundaries(self.ref)