Source code for openpyxl.worksheet.write_only

from __future__ import absolute_import
# Copyright (c) 2010-2019 openpyxl

"""Write worksheets to xml representations in an optimized way"""

import atexit
from inspect import isgenerator
import os
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile

from openpyxl.cell import Cell, WriteOnlyCell
from openpyxl.drawing.spreadsheet_drawing import SpreadsheetDrawing
from openpyxl.workbook.child import _WorkbookChild
from .worksheet import Worksheet
from .related import Related

from openpyxl.utils.exceptions import WorkbookAlreadySaved

from openpyxl.writer.etree_worksheet import write_cell
from openpyxl.writer.worksheet import write_drawing, write_conditional_formatting
from openpyxl.xml.constants import SHEET_MAIN_NS
from openpyxl.xml.functions import xmlfile


def _openpyxl_shutdown():
    for path in ALL_TEMP_FILES:
        if os.path.exists(path):

[docs]def create_temporary_file(suffix=''): fobj = NamedTemporaryFile(mode='w+', suffix=suffix, prefix='openpyxl.', delete=False) filename = fobj.close() ALL_TEMP_FILES.append(filename) return filename
[docs]class WriteOnlyWorksheet(_WorkbookChild): """ Streaming worksheet. Optimised to reduce memory by writing rows just in time. Cells can be styled and have comments Styles for rows and columns must be applied before writing cells """ __saved = False writer = None _rel_type = Worksheet._rel_type _path = Worksheet._path mime_type = Worksheet.mime_type def __init__(self, parent, title): super(WriteOnlyWorksheet, self).__init__(parent, title) self._max_col = 0 self._max_row = 0 self._fileobj_name = create_temporary_file() # Methods from Worksheet self._add_row = Worksheet._add_row.__get__(self) self._add_column = Worksheet._add_column.__get__(self) self.add_chart = Worksheet.add_chart.__get__(self) self.add_image = Worksheet.add_image.__get__(self) self.add_table = Worksheet.add_table.__get__(self) setup = Worksheet._setup.__get__(self) setup() self.print_titles = Worksheet.print_titles.__get__(self) self.sheet_view = Worksheet.sheet_view.__get__(self) @property def freeze_panes(self): return Worksheet.freeze_panes.__get__(self) @freeze_panes.setter def freeze_panes(self, value): Worksheet.freeze_panes.__set__(self, value) @property def print_title_cols(self): return Worksheet.print_title_cols.__get__(self) @print_title_cols.setter def print_title_cols(self, value): Worksheet.print_title_cols.__set__(self, value) @property def print_title_rows(self): return Worksheet.print_title_rows.__get__(self) @print_title_rows.setter def print_title_rows(self, value): Worksheet.print_title_rows.__set__(self, value) @property def print_area(self): return Worksheet.print_area.__get__(self) @print_area.setter def print_area(self, value): Worksheet.print_area.__set__(self, value) @property def filename(self): return self._fileobj_name def _write_header(self): """ Generator that creates the XML file and the sheet header """ with xmlfile(self.filename) as xf: with xf.element("worksheet", xmlns=SHEET_MAIN_NS): if self.sheet_properties: pr = self.sheet_properties.to_tree() xf.write(pr) xf.write(self.views.to_tree()) cols = self.column_dimensions.to_tree() self.sheet_format.outlineLevelCol = self.column_dimensions.max_outline xf.write(self.sheet_format.to_tree()) if cols is not None: xf.write(cols) with xf.element("sheetData"): cell = WriteOnlyCell(self) try: while True: row = (yield) row_idx = self._max_row attrs = {'r': '%d' % row_idx} if row_idx in self.row_dimensions: dim = self.row_dimensions[row_idx] attrs.update(dict(dim)) with xf.element("row", attrs): for col_idx, value in enumerate(row, 1): if value is None: continue try: cell.value = value except ValueError: if isinstance(value, Cell): cell = value else: raise ValueError cell.col_idx = col_idx cell.row = row_idx styled = cell.has_style write_cell(xf, self, cell, styled) if styled: # styled cell or datetime cell = WriteOnlyCell(self) except GeneratorExit: pass if xf.write( if self.auto_filter.ref: xf.write(self.auto_filter.to_tree()) if self.sort_state.ref: xf.write(self.sort_state.to_tree()) if self.conditional_formatting: cfs = write_conditional_formatting(self) for cf in cfs: xf.write(cf) if self.data_validations.count: xf.write(self.data_validations.to_tree()) if bool(self.HeaderFooter): xf.write(self.HeaderFooter.to_tree()) drawing = write_drawing(self) if drawing is not None: xf.write(drawing) if self._comments: legacyDrawing = Related(id="anysvml") xml = legacyDrawing.to_tree("legacyDrawing") xf.write(xml)
[docs] def close(self): if self.__saved: self._already_saved() if self.writer is None: self.writer = self._write_header() next(self.writer) self.writer.close() self.__saved = True
def _cleanup(self): os.remove(self.filename) ALL_TEMP_FILES.remove(self.filename )
[docs] def append(self, row): """ :param row: iterable containing values to append :type row: iterable """ if (not isgenerator(row) and not isinstance(row, (list, tuple, range)) ): self._invalid_row(row) self._max_row += 1 if self.writer is None: self.writer = self._write_header() next(self.writer) try: self.writer.send(row) except StopIteration: self._already_saved()
def _already_saved(self): raise WorkbookAlreadySaved('Workbook has already been saved and cannot be modified or saved anymore.') def _invalid_row(self, iterable): raise TypeError('Value must be a list, tuple, range or a generator Supplied value is {0}'.format( type(iterable)) ) def _write(self): self._drawing = SpreadsheetDrawing() self._drawing.charts = self._charts self._drawing.images = self._images if not self.__saved: self.close() with open(self.filename) as src: out = self._cleanup() return out